My office is still in Crivitz! I still have the drop box 
at 3600 Velp just like last year!

 The old office at 3600 Velp outside door 4 still has a 24/7 secure drop box.  
All my work will be done at my new office at 609 Henriette Ave, Crivitz. 

I have been so blessed this past 20 years with my loyal clients, you have made me very successful and I could not tell you how much
 you all mean to me.

I am offering 3 ways for the 2023 taxes to be completed:

Option 1: See me in person in Crivitz(I like this one the best!)
If possible please drop off documents one week prior to the appointment either at the old office on Velp or at the 609 Henriette office. Both have 24/7 secure drop boxes. Dorothy, Karla or Kevin will be retrieving those daily and 
bringing them to me for me to personally complete them.
Call for your appointment 920-434-5211

Option 2: For those of you that do not want to or cannot make the drive 
to Crivitz you can still drop off at the old office in the drop box. I will prepare the return and contact you on what means to get the return back to you.

Option 3: Electronically I am using Verifyle as my secure document sharing program. You need to contact me to have you added using email and we can 
communicate and send documents.​

(920) 434-5211