2022! Wow, that seems strange!
On my postcard I indicated that this year I am still asking that you drop off documents a week prior to your scheduled appointment. I am also going to have some ability for secure document via internet but as of today Jan 4, 2022 I am still waiting for my program training. Once I get that established I will have information on my website to help with that.
If you do not see that and your scheduled please drop off the documents. The 2021 tab above has a cover letter for you to bring as well. 
I am so glad that I will be seeing more of you in person.
Each year feel more and more blessed with such a wonderful opportunity to service your tax needs, but more than that, I enjoy seeing each of you and finding out about what is going on in your lives.  I feel as though my business is not just about taxes, it is about caring about each of you and knowing you also care about me. Thank you for being a part of my life. God Bless You and your families.
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