I no longer provide prices on the website but an average price per return is approximately $150.

​I do not charge per form, these
prices include electronic filing and direct deposit. The IRS has added additional requirements for CTC/AOTC/EIC if your return includes these forms the charge will be slightly higher. Sorry!
Payment is due at time of service. Cash/Check
I do not take any debit or credit cards.
Call for additional services and rates.
I no longer do business taxes or returns with rental properties. 

I do charge extra for Obamacare/Marketplace insurance. $50.00

Services and Pricing
(920) 434-5211
I can help you with every aspect of your individual tax preparation and planning.  I continue to assist my clients in the event of a tax audit, or when clients need advice regarding information received from the Internal Revenue Service. I use a high end licensed computer tax program and am confident that this serves my customers with the latest updates and most secure transmittal of tax returns. ​I participate annually in the IRS AFSP program and do continuing education every year.
Why choose me over the name brand software or other services? Think about these factors:

*Software cost ($100 minimum)
*2-4(Or More!) Hours of your valuable time
*Still not quite sure you got everything right
*Peace of mind
*Tax credits that you may miss 
out on.
*Knowing you have someone
to turn to with questions.